Willem Ludwig Combrinck
Roelof Cornelis Botha
Project Reportback
The expedition members were responsible for multiple tasks on Marion Island:
1.      the installation of an OTT radar type tide gauge + peripheral equipment,
2.      upgrading of the existing GPS station, housed in the food store on the island,
3.      measuring the offsets between the tide gauge and GPS to the French (DORIS) system.
On arrival at Marion Island, all available time have been utilised to complete the mentioned tasks:
1.      The OTT tide gauge system has been assembled, installed and tested.
2.      The previous GPS station equipment has been removed from the food store and brought back to SA for repairs and re-setup. The antenna however, stayed on the island and is now connected to the OTT tide gauge system.
3.      GPS measurements of the DORIS as well as GPS antennae positions were taken and the data brought back to SA for processing.
On arrival back in SA, the OTT tide gauge system has been confirmed to correctly transmit measured data via Meteosat as well as BGAN. The project goals have been satisfied and it is considered a success.
The Tide Gauge and GPS system installed at Marion Island.