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Our Geodetic VLBI experiments are run in collaboration with the International VLBI Service (IVS).

The EOP results as processed daily by HartRAO using the VieVs software package on MATLAB


View some VLBI timeseries plots- These plots are results from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's VLBI terrestrial reference frame solution number 1102g, 1998 August. (Ma, C., and J. W. Ryan, "NASA Space Geodesy Program -- GSFC DATA Analysis -- 1998, VLBI Geodetic Results 1979-1998", August, 1998.)

Radio Telescope Position Velocities

Radio telescopes operating in global networks have their positions determined by using distant radio-emitting galaxies as fixed beacons in space. Plate tectonic motion makes these positions change over time. The most recent velocity solution is from NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Centre. More plots can be selected at GSFC VLBI NUVEL Solution 2007dn. For technical data see the GSFC VLBI Data and Results page.